Vini Patch / Repair Kit


V-Patch - 7 Units - Special for Surfboards dings

4u.: 5 x 5 cm / 2u.: 5 x 10 cm / 1u.: 6 x 12 cm

Instructions, Spatula, Chamois, V-Patch

Material quality is guaranteed through our suppliers,
3M provides us the excellency in material innovation.

- Rounded corner (dispel tensions).
- Applies in seconds and gets you back surfing instantly.
- Waterproof and UV Resistant.
- Covers up and protects board Dings, Cracks and Scratches.
- Epoxy and Polyester Surfboards,
- Also works on Kitesurf, Wakesurf and Stand up Paddle Boards.
- All weather conditions.
- Perfect for travel and day to day surfing sessions.
- Perfect for remote breaks and secret spots.

The colour of each design can differ depending on the stock.


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