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Surfboard Dings - Repair Kit.

Surfboard Dings - Repair Kit.

It contains everything you need to take care of your surfboard and protect the dings that regrettably sometimes happen. Vini Patch® Repair Kit is the most comfortable and fastest way to keep surfing without damaging the care of the surfboard, making the repair easier and being able to postpone it all the time you want or need.


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Essential Kit - Dings Repair.

Essential Kit - Dings Repair.

Whether a remote spot on an island far from civilization, a crowded beach break, hours of car or motorcycle from here to there; stairs up and down, reefs, rocks … No matter how careful we are, there are always cracks that are beyond our control. And nobody likes them.

Here you have 5 patches that will avoid dislikes.

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The Surf Patch

For surfers, for travelers.

For surfers, for travelers.

A trip stimulated by that wave, the wave that will make a gap in the memory. This tireless search for perfection, which takes us to inhospitable places, that brings us closer to our being.

When that day arrives, keep surfing.

Surfing until the body says stop and the sun goes down. Because a ding on the board will not mean anything. It will be only an anecdote; a reminder of your trip and the complement of that story. Now, for the sake of your board, the final repair can be postponed.

Much more than a sticker

Much more than a sticker

The quality of the material is guaranteed through our supplier. 3M provides us the excellence in innovation and material development to satisfy all the needs.

Without leaving aside the sustainability of the product, being 100% free of PVC.


Get yours.

Get yours.

This surfboard patch is also 100% customizable. So it’s not only a functional product also it’s a tool for your business. Whether you have a surf shop or a business related to the sector, Vini Patch® can be the perfect marketing complement and a diffusion tool for your brand.







The idea of ​​Vini Patch is to be able to innovate and offer products, accessories and services that solve, or improve, the needs of the sector. Making them accessible to all and always considering the ethical and ecological aspects that are derived from the creation.

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We hope that you’ll be in the water soon, without spending much time here. Meanwhile, if you want to say “hola” or you’ve any suggestion, proposal or query, here below you’ll find the contact information. ¡Cheers!


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(Es) Todo lo que necesitas para las tablas de surf

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The Surf Patch - Kit Repair

The goal of Vini Patch® is simple; Take care of your surfboard.

Therefore, this kit contains everything you need to be able to surf again in a matter of minutes without worrying about your surfboard status.

It has 7 patches for the surfboard (also useful for SUP, Kayak or Windsurf), of different sizes, to adapt to any type of ding; in addition it comes with a useful instructions, a spatula (to remove the wax from the surfboard and to apply pressure on the patch if you need it), and to dry the board before applying the patch, if you have just got out from the water.

It is the most comfortable and fastest way to keep surfing without damaging the condition of the surfboard, making it easier to repair and being able to postpone it all that you want. Once you decide to fix it or take it to repair the board definitely, the shaper will thank you. Since the ding will be completely clean, without wax or other product that makes the repair harder, so in addition to being able to accumulate dings that unfortunately occur, you will save time and money.

If you want to know more about our patch, keep browsing and discover all its features. In the case that your doubts are not resolved, it will be a pleasure to answer you personally.


All you need for Surfboard Dings

In the case that you already have a Vini Patch Kit and only need more patches, or if you prefer the right and necessary, here are 5 patches of the most common size (5×5 cm) you may need.

Vini Patch® is thought and designed to be the simplest way to take care of your surfboard.

Its application is simple; CLEAN, DRY, APPLY.

The affected area should be dried and cleaned if there is wax in the ding. Afterwards, it is only necessary to apply the patch carefully and avoiding to leave air inside. That is all.


Forget the Repair.

How many times have you been traveling, have you hit your board and had to deal with something that was not the best solution for it? Or being in a place where you don’t know where to repair. With Vini Patch® you can prevent it from happening again. Since you can accumulate dings and postpone the repair as much as you want. Once the trip ends you can decide if do you want to repair it yourself, or take it to the classic Mr’s Dings / Shapers specialized in leaving the board as new after all the good bustle that is given. And our main goal is none other than facilitating the work; because the repair will be easier and cleaner and, in this way, more economical.

Yes, it’s a temporary repair, but provisional is a relative term, right? We think so. In this case, regarding the placement, use, care, and location on the board. But let’s go to the facts; The guaranteed life of our patch is from 5 to 18 months. Being provisional and changing is the key, because everything changes, and what seems to be indefinite stagnates and deteriorates. It is a fact, everything is provisional.

Perfect for remote breaks.

After all, the goal of every single surfer is to take care of the surfboard and make it last as long as possible, in the best conditions. Basically, profitability.

When is time to change the patch or repair the ding? The patch itself indicates when the time comes. At the moment, one of the corners will rise (it will not detach completely). That is the moment when you have to repair the board or replace it with another Vini Patch®.

And remember: Recycle.

Once the life of the patch ends, it must be deposited in the recycling container (Container of composites, metal, and plastic).


Quality for your board.

Vini Patch® is a specific patch for surfboards (polyester, epoxy, wood) also functional for kayak, windsurf and SUP.

Its function is to seal the cracks and scratches, to prevent water from getting into the board. In this way, saving the performance of the core that is intrinsically linked to the buoyancy and the conditions of the table.

The goal of Vini Patch is simple; Take care of your surfboard.

Our patch is made of a composite material by micro-layers that through the perfect combination gives to the product all the features needed.

From bottom to top, it consists of an exclusive adhesive (1) for the required conditions, composed of microfilaments that prevent of getting the air encapsulated inside, and avoiding bubbles. Therefore, is completely adhered to the surface of the surfboard and prevents water from entering. The next layer is composed of a derivate of vinyl (2), free of PVC, which can be molded with heat, and thus being able to adapt it in the different areas of the board.

Finally, the upper layers (3/4), with a reserved composition, transfer to the patch the resistance and protection for the different conditions to which it is subjected.


(Es) Todo lo que necesitas para las tablas de surf



Vini Patch® offers a B2B (Business to Business) service. In this way, your company can benefit from the advantages of our product. Being able to apply branding, or different corporate campaigns, in the patch. Whether at events or on a daily basis, we can offer an element of brand diffusion that is at the same time a fully functional and durable product. In the case of not being a company and being interested in customizing your patches do not hesitate to contact us.

One of the different aspects of applying the image of your company in the patch is that it will be constantly visible both by the user who wears it and by those around him when surfing. So this type of marketing campaigns provides a high return on investment (ROI) since the user who receives the product, along with those around him, are 100% the potential target that could want to reach.

The background shows the satisfaction of our customers and users, so if you are thinking about participating in an event related to the surfing sector, or if you have a store and want to give an added value to your brand, we invite you to register as a company in this page and get access to the rest of the information or you can directly contact us without commitment.


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