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Vini Patch tested by Surf Bunker

Vini Patch tested by Surf Bunker

Great ideas are often the most simple, combining a number of things, keeping the price point correct and identifying a desire or need within the marketplace. As I have said, surfing is cool at the moment, for me, it always has been cool but it is now a trending sport for the masses. A good portion of the masses like things to look nice, it’s not a surfer or non-surfer thing, it just boils down to the type of person you are. Are you someone who appreciates how things look aesthetically? Or are you more of a ‘slap it all together’, ‘function only’ type of person? It takes all sorts to make the world go around.


So what do you do when you ding your board and the waves are pumping, the forecast is for this unparalleled bliss is to continue and you have just holed your favorite board. Hells, maybe you are on holiday and have only taken one board. You have gotten out of the water as soon as it happened knowing it would further damage your sled, you now have a few options:

– Try and find a ding repair dude and then pay him extra to have it repaired quickly. (It’s never going to be quick enough)

– Jam some wax in the ding and try and make sure it won’t let any water in. (You will find it a nightmare when you come to repair after, wax is not a cool thing to try and clean out of a ding.)

– Get out the roll of duct tape and scissors and cut out the right amount, try and get in in the right place without getting your fingers all over it. (Your board now looks pretty ugly but effective)

– Use some solar res or sun-cure which is messy, a pain to get right and if you don’t sand it properly you have sharp edges which can be lethal for cuts.

When I saw Vini Patch I thought that it looked like an awesome idea. It’s not groundbreaking, it’s not some new technology that will blow you away but it does identify a need with certain types of surfers. People who like things to be in containers, don’t like mess and appreciate the way things look. Who’d have thunk it, turns out I am one of them.

If you are looking for a repair kit that is not messy, has everything you need in it, comes in a cool little tin and makes your board look almost enhanced, then this is it.

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